IVF at 41 is going fabulously!

courtesy of bbc.co.uk

courtesy of bbc.co.uk

Im in the final stages of my first IVF treatment and so far my expereince has been a really positive one. Everything was much easier and a whole lot less emotional than either myself or my husband ever imagined it would be. 

Of course we are all individuals and each will respond differently to the treatment. My story is just one experience. However I felt compelled to share it on the off chance that women searching the internet to get an idea of the expereince they may go through, may come across my IVF story and take some ‘feel good energy’ from me.

I remember when I was considering IVF treatment, I was gripped with fear. It all seemed so clinical and cold. Searching the internet I found more horror stories than positive ones and the stories shared in casual conversations about friends of friends just fed the fear rather than calmed the nerves.

By  writing and sharing my story, from the actual decision to have a child at 41 to finding the doctor and beginning IVF treatment,  I have hoped to perhaps be the positive feedback for women that I struggled so hard to find in my searches.  

Ive written posts on my experience from day one of the treatment (all filed under IVF on my home page) and  have been truly humbled by the beautiful connections made with women around the globe who have appreciated my ramblings. Many were, like me, petrified of process and most named the adverse effects of the hormone treatment on emotions as one of their greatest fears. Quite understandable..I was the same who wants to turn into a big bad nasty witch!

My experience has been so positive in this aspect. I have been astounded how simple, easy and smooth the process has been, how little effect the hormones have had one me and how relaxed it is actually possible to be in the treatment. (this is a choice obviously and takes focus, but it is possible)

I am 41.  ‘Quite old’ according to Doctors and a point, they for some reason, have felt important to remind me of on numerous occasions. (not great for the self esteem, hence my post on my emotional wellbeing angel) Add to the age factor, the quality of my husbands sperm, his little swimmers are not really in the greatest of conditions and yes, that made us a classic IVF couple.

 We tried to conceive naturally for 6 months without success. and then began looking into IVF treatment feeling this was the next logical step.  As Ive mentioned, so far its been ok. Well more than ok, the IVF process has been, all things considered, a breeze.

The hormones didnt effect me very much, apart from a bit of tiredness and a little weight gain. Its actually more like bloating, but I was so overwhelmed at how smooth everything was going that feeling a bit ‘fat’ seemed easy to deal with.  

The daily hormone needles ended up being, in a weird sort of way, an opportunity for my husband and I to feel deeply connected to one another in the treatment.  Im totally afraid of needles, so in the daily ritual of injecting me, my husband witnessed both my vulnerability and fear. He developed a very sweet compassion for what I, the woman was going through and within him, a sort of admiration grew. He saw me as being really brave. It was nice.

And here we are, in the final stages. On wednesday, my eggs were taken out. Not a difficult process. You go under for 20 minutes while they do the removal and then spend an hour or two in the hospital afterwards, to let the saline drip put some liquids back in to the system and to have something to eat.

courtesy of bbc.co.uk

courtesy of bbc.co.uk

You are then sent home with instructions to take the anibiotics twice a day and to begin inserting the vaginal tablets 3 times a day.  (hubby graciously offered to be responsible for this chore..bless him.. any opportunity to be up close and personal with his beloved V… I declined his kind offer )  

They took out 13 eggs in total, apparently a great result. 9 eggs were of good enough quality to inject the sperm into and today (friday) when I went back to have the eggs transferred back inside me, we were told all 9 eggs fertilised.

The Doctor decided (because of my age) to put 3 eggs back inside me. This took about 10 minutes and was not at all painful or scary.  And now its a waiting game. In 12 days we have an appointment to go and have a blood test to see if I am pregnant. Gosh !!  Modern technology amazes me. Its mind blowing.. absolutely Mad.  Mad Mad Mad!!!

Who knows what the results will be. Its now in the lap of the gods!  For now my emotional wellbeing is where I am putting my focus. Being relaxed, happy and thinking positive thoughts. Im visualising being a mother, Im doing guided meditations to connect with my eggs to let them know how very welcome they are in my body and Im doing reiki on myself.  My goal is to have as much positive energy around and within me and to feel at ease.  A daily ritual is a great idea to help with this.

Daily chakra clearing meditations help me to feel I am keeping my energy flowing at its best for conception and asking angels to be close to my side helps me to feel I am being supported by the universe.  All a bit airy fairy I know, but I love ‘airy fairy’ and I really feel its helped me have the positive experience Ive had so far.

We’ll see..  Ill write again in 12 days with an update. 

Until then, much love


13 Responses

  1. Good luck! Its wonderful to hear your story. I hope you hear that you have a BFP!!

    check out my journey on http://lifebalanceinfertilitycoach.wordpress.com

    Keep me posted!

    sending positive energy to those embedding embies!

  2. So what was the outcome? I’m on the edge of my seat…

  3. Hello.Iam 38 years old and also had my 3 eggs harvested on Wed and the 2 that fertilised put back in today.This is my 3rd attempt.Thankyou for sharing your ivf journey,I have fingers crossed that both our treatments work and a happy and healthy life to be had with our babies.Good luck

  4. So what was your outcome? I am dying to know!!! I am also 41, and have had 6 pregnancies… the first resulting in my wondeful 8 yr old son, followed by 5 m/c’s. I’ve always gotten pregnant on my own but my RE thinks the m/c’s are related to my age and egg qualitiy… although I don’t believe it. I will be starting my 1st (and only, since I live in the states, am self-employed, and my insurance doesn’t cover the $14,000 treatment!) IVF cycle. I am really excited, but really nervous… not b/c of the needles, pain, etc… but because it’s the only chance I have left. I would love to hear from you if you were successful… it would give me a stronger hope!

  5. Thank you for sharing. I am 41 and going through the IVF cycle right now. Yesterday was day 5 of my treatment and they found 10 follicles growing so far. I was so relieved and excited because I heard that women our age could perhaps produce only a few. I am also doing acupuncture which I heard helps, praying and eating healthy. I recently started drinking a juice made out of wheatgrass which my husband read is beneficial in many ways. I’m supposed to go to the Dr. the day after tomorrow and hopefully I will have more follicles by then. All we need is one good egg right? Do all the follicles turn into eggs? I am praying that my quality of eggs are good. My insurance doesn’t cover infertility issues and this is costing me about $16,000.00. Is anyone else on here going through their IVF cycle now?

  6. Hello,
    I am 41 and in my first IVF cycle. Friday will be my transfer and Monday they will be implanted. I will be tested on Friday 8/14/09. I will post my results. Good luck to everyone trying this is a lot to go through so I am hpoing for positive results.
    In two weeks,

  7. Do send me an email on the results !

  8. Sir I am suffring with p infertility.du to nill sperm.i am 37yrs & my wife 33yrs old.Pls i want some diagnos.

  9. there is help for you, i suggest contating a male fertility specialist. There have been successful pregnancys coming from men who ‘had no sperm’

    Dr’s have been able to locate enough healthy sperm in the testicles to use to impregnate the woman. I dont know the full details, but i know it is possible. I suggest you research the internet, find male fertility specialists and email them. Israel is particularly strong on all areas of fertility research.

  10. I am 41yrs old myself and today is my last day of taking my hormone pills for the stimulation process now on Thursday starts my morning appts for labwork and ultrasounds and soon start my shots. I am very excited and nervous due to being the first time I do this. I have already three kids but 19 yrs ago I had a tubal ligation and now decided to have kids again due to being married to someone that has no kids. Anyways to make a long story short my egg retrieval is the 19th of July and I am hoping it takes just one time try because in the past I have always been really fertile never had problems getting pregnant. Now I just have to have the IVF because of my tubal and my age. I hope and pray everything works for us and we don’t need to keep trying. We don’t have the money and its been a crazy emotional roller coaster for both my husband and I. So my question to u is Is one try enough>?

  11. Peggy, you only need one fertilized egg to make a baby.. thats a fact. my advice to you is to try as much as you can to release the fear, believe believe, believe that is IS possible, that you deserve it, that your body is healthy and to visualise it all happening. Creating your reality through visualization is very powerful. See it feel it and believe it. let me know how you get on. i wish you great success

  12. Hi

    I am 40 turning 41 how did it go?

  13. nee, i have a lovely little son 🙂

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