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pregnant at 42

pregnant over 40 success story

You have come to the right place.  Im a success story and this blog details my journey.

I am 43 and the mother of a healthy beautiful sweet little 10 month old son. I was 41 when I started IVF and became pregnant and 42 when I gave birth.

I created this blog to offer  positive information about the IVF process to women over 35 after scouring the internet  myself desparately looking for success stories of women my age undergoing IVF treatments. I was nervous and afraid and really wanted some inspiration yet  I couldnt  find what i needed. So mysticmiss was created and here I am, 20 odd months down the track giving you living proof that IVF over 35 works and being a mum over 40 is most definately achievable.

If  you havent read any of my previous posts, please do.  They are filed under IVF process and were written in ‘real time’, as I was going through each step in the IVF process.  They offer a detailed run down of  my IVF journey and the things I did, for my physical  mental and emotional  wellbeing to help the process along.  They are written utterly from the heart, aimed to give an honest perspective of the journey.

 To share my story with women going through the same process or women thinking about starting  IVF who are searching for inspiration, who want to connect with a success story to help them find the courage to begin has been a truly uplifting experience. I thank all the readers who supported my journey, who offered kind loving words and encouraged me to continue to share my story.  To those of you who are still in the process, i send you my love. Try to keep positive and  keep visualising the outcome you want.   It can happen for you, dont give up, keep the good energies flowing.

I am living proof that becoming a mum on IVF over 40 is possible. I am proof that the  process can be smooth and straightforward and am proof  also that the  journey no matter how emotional and challenging, can be a beautiful one with a happy ending. 

I know that this is not always the case, I know there are women who experience a great many challenges, but when I began my journey and actually all the way through it,  I needed to hear about successes as well as the challenges. I NEEDED to read about womens positive experiences.  I wanted to read positive uplifting information.

So to all of you who have found  their way to this blog I send you my love and my best wishes for the adventure ahead. Keep your thoughts positive, acknowledge your fears but dont let them take over you and keep your heart open.

These I believe are keys to success in this journey.  To believe that you can and will be a mum, to have faith your process will work and to consistantly visualise the outcome you want, to see it in your minds eye clearly. This is the attitude to aspire to.  Sincere blessings to you all.

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18 Responses

  1. Beautiful baby bump Mystic Miss! 🙂 Congratulations on your little blessing.

    I have really enjoyed your blog journey on IVF. I am just turning 41, we have been trying for nearly a year on our own and just tried IUI in November. Aster all the tests, we expect to try IVF over the next couple months.

    I have little fear & ready to jump into this exciting journey – The only real fear is not having the funding to try countless attempts. so your comment about “money” on one of your blogs helped put it into perspective (so thank u).

    Question – I have implemented acupuncture, some yoga moves, gotten back into my speedwalking/jog as well as added vitamins/minerals. Did you also focus on a specific nutrition regimen (other than avoiding alcohol) or did you just practice the art of positiveness & stress free living 🙂 -would LOVE to hear.

  2. Hi katie, so lovely to read your message, thanks for being in touch. Im sending you alot of love and good energies for the road ahead and hoping it goes fabulously for you.

    Im such a believer that the state of your mental attitude is a HUGE part of this journey, so keep aware of where you are in this area, its natural to be worried along the way, but if you notice negative thoughts coming in, stop them in their tracks with super positive ones, and keep the visualisations up every day. keep visualising yourself holding your little baby, or being pregnant, or jumping for joy getting the your test is positive call from the Dr.. whatever feels right for you.

    I listened to a dvd by belleruth naperstek at night while going to sleep too http://www.healthjourneys.com/category.aspx?catid=27 it was specifically for fertility, there is affirmations and visualisations –

    also have a quick read over these tips, just to make sure you awareof them. i got them free via email. http://www.PersonalPathtoPregnancy.com/Mistakes.html

    As for nutrition, i began eating porriage every morning with no milk, just put some water on the boil, add some halva and crush it into the water ,add the quaker oats, stir it around for a few mintues, when its thick to your liking, thats it its ready. i added some maple syrup too after it was cooked. it was hard in the beginning , it wasnt my thing really, but after a few days, i could really feel my body had much more energy and so i carried on.

    I also tried to eat as many of the orange veges (cooked) as i could, carrots sweet potato etc and as much dark green veges spinach as i could.

    I tried to eat a hot nutritional dish for lunch rather than dinner, so wheni went to bed, my body could focus on healing and rejuvenating, rather than digesting..

    i suppose i just tried to eat the best i had ever eaten, really putting loving awareness to what was going into my body. My chiinese Dr was an angel in this, she really got it into my head that in order for my body to perform to its best i needed to give it the energy to do so by eating well.

    I also took 3 x super strength omega 3 a day, a multi vitamin, folic acid and a vitamin B 12

    i also made a point of watching sunsets and acknowledging the moon phases – tuning in and connecting to the cycles of nature.

    i just got into it with all my heart, not connecting at all the medical procedure, that was the Dr’s job, mine was to have my body my mind and my soul open and responsive to the process..

    goodluck katie, keep in touch and if you have any other questions please dont hesitate, Im here for you anytime you need. blessings girl, go create that baby 🙂

  3. You are truly WONDERFUL! Thank you so much for your detailed response. Your guidance and spirit are precious gift – and I am so grateful for that.
    Have a happy, healthy new year! 🙂

  4. i need help to fined right Dr for my last chance of IVF
    please send me any inf helpful my search im Age of

  5. Malhotra Test Tube Baby and IVF Clinic in India provides IVF Treatments which includes IVF ICSI IUI Treatment Cost in India, Embryo Donation, Egg Donation, infertility treatment, Male Female Infertility Treatment India

  6. May what part of the world are you in ? I can speak with my Dr to get a reccomendation for you.

  7. Beautiful baby bump. I would like to read more
    About your experiences. In particular with ivf and the emotional and physical aspects you experienced. I have had my first ivf which resulted in pregnancy. Everything went well. Had a similar experience as you. No real pain just straight forward. Sadly I just found out yesterday that I miscarried. I was about ten weeks pregnant. I am not giving up and will try a second time as soon as I can. I am also 41 and need some advise how to get my spirits up and be able to increase my ability to think positively. I have liked reading your posts but somehow there seem to be gaps/ posts missing. Hope you and your little family are doing well and that you will read this and possibly advise me.

  8. hi there

    i jsut tried to write to you via your email, but the message got flipped back to me. so hopefully you wil come back to the blog and see this message.

    i am so sorry i havent go tback to you until now. I didntt check my blog for
    a while so didnt see your comments. you just need to click on the catagory on the right hand side of the page called IVF PROCESS that has most of the IVF posts i have written. You Once the catagory opens. there is a load of titles , click on the title and it will open the article. There is posts i wrote all the way through the process, sharing disappointments, fears, feelings, helpful tips and stuff i did to help the process that i think are a good idea for those trying to get pregnant.

    I am so very sorry you have gone through such a sad and heartbreaking experience. Yes do it again, go for it! if you want to be a mum, dont let anything stop you, just stay positive, really positive, do all you can do to stay in the space of positive and keep your beleif strong that this can happen for you … and eat wel sleep well, laugh alot, watch sunsets, enjoy the full moons, mediatate, do chakra work to keep your energy clear and clean, lots to do, but also when you do all of this it really keeps you focussed on where you are , and waht you are doing.. i highly reccomend it.

    good luck and love and light coming to you xxxx

  9. My husband and I have been trying for about 18 months now and we still have no baby. I don’t want to do IVF or anything like that. I’d like to stay natural if I can.

    Does anyone one know how you can increase your fertility or chances of conceiving?

  10. Hi,

    Your blog is uplifitng! My wife and I will be trying IVF soon… around March. We tried IUI without results… this has saddened us both. I need someone to help remind me not to give up hope. The success rates I’ve read have me worried that IVF might fail us, and that saddens me deeply. Please help me to have hope.


  11. have you had all the tests done to see if there are any problems.. sperm checks, egg production and hormone level checks etc etc… they are quite straight forward not difficult or stressful. i really suggest you do these so then you know if there are issues in this area or not.. also you could well be having a shorter or longer ovulation period, so perhaps are having sex at the wrong times, you can do some checks for this also, to try to understand exactly when you ovulate.

    also it can be good to check your ph levels, to see if your body is too acidic and then eat foods to alkaline your body. also you can do a check to see how your iodine levels are and then take some iodine drops to rebalance this.

    there are so many things you can do to help your fertility, soooo many! how old are you? do you have regular periods? be in touch with some more details about your age, periods, diet, exercise weight etc etc and ill offer some suggestions that i have read about. blessings

  12. Im happy to know that reading the blog has uplifted you. Its so important to keep in high spirits in this process. My chinese doctor says that we get pregnant with our heads – a hard one to get your head around at first, but simply put she is saying, kind of like the law of attraction theory, that if you believe you will get pregnant and you do all you can physically to be in the best condition AND you can visualise it, imagine it and feel all the feelings that go with that, it will happen for you. So first tip from me is DONT connect yourself for a second to the statistics, leave them right alone.

    If you go into the process scared, worried and feeling your chances are low, that is the experience you will probably have. You need to believe 100% that it is possible for you, that you want it, that you deserve it, that there is no reason what so ever for it not to happen for you. You have to have that energy with you all the time… not if BUT when.

    All you can do is prepare yourself psyically for it as best you can. Eating really well, lots of green veges, lots of water, vitamins, little or no sugar, nicotine, alcohol, caffine etc etc rest really well, exercise at least 30 mins a day, and if at all possible 10mins a day sitting in quiet, visualising you being pregnant, and all the feelings that go with that, the joy, love, excitement, contentment.. visualise how life will look for you, all the things you will do with your little child, the adventures, the fun, the laughter.. visualise it with emotions and feelings every day – both of you.

    Visualisation is such a powerful tool in this journey i beleive. Einstein had alot to say on the subject of visualisation.

    Since you have time until your ivf treatment, use it wisely and productively. I suggest you both do some sort of raw food/ cleansing diet, its usually about 7-10 days. you can even go to a retreat or something to get you started. This will help you kick start your new eating routine setting the scene for optimum pregnancy. Also begin a regular exercise routine, doesnt have to be crazy, 30 mins a day is fine, just to get the heart rate up so it cleans and oxygenates the blood. A brisk 30 min walk is fantastic. Get out in the world, fresh air, nice nature. this helps the body be at its best, it doesnt matter how good a diet you are on, if your blood is not well oxygenated and healthy its more difficult for the body to create healthy strong eggs/sperm.

    And also begin to put meditation, or quiet contemplation into your life on a daily basis. start with 10 mins day sitting and visualising the life you want for yourselves, the lovely little family you want to create. See it as if it is now, the pregnancy, the phone call to say you are pregnant, the belly growing, the little baby being born, growing etc etc here is a link i found for you that may help you learn this process.


    And remember not IF but WHEN is your new motto. This can happen for you, believe it, live with this in your heart. And remember to give thanks every day for what you have already in your life. this is also very powerful.

    And in the meantime, until march, keep on having sex every month in your fertile days, and perhaps even try this at home. http://www.insemination-help.com/

    i wish you well, stay in touch, and stay away from statistics, you are not a statistic, dont put yourself there.


  13. Hi, again,

    I found out that my morphology is at 1%, so we’ll have to try IVF with ICSI soon. I’m panicking… my fear is that my sperm won’t be good enough, and that we’ll need to use donor sperm. I’m pained that if that happens, I’ll be reduced to being a spectator in my child’s conception. My wife is displeased at me for voicing these concerns.

    I have been meditating at night as you have suggeste, and it helps. But right now, all I feel is intense sadness. I’ll be taking a supplement to help me and actually am switching to boxers to help with morphology, with acupuncture next. Please pray/hope for me.

  14. Hi, again,

    I wanted to let you know that I’m following all the advice that you gave me: meditation, prayer, changes in diet. I also added acupuncture and herbs. I’m also looking forward to our first IVF. My wife has one follicle right now that we hope will grow, and we’re hoping for the best. Please grant me your prayers… I’m embarassed in that a moment of panic, I said something selfish in my last post here. I hope you’ll grant me your forgiveness. My wife and I have resolved our concern about donors eggs and sperm, and are looking forward to IVF #1.

  15. its so natural to have the fears you have, you are stepping into the unnknown. The picture you had for becoming a father is not the one you are faced with in reality and that can be darn right scary, so be gentle with yourself, have compassion for yourself and your fears.

    When you are meditating set an intention for the meditation, that you are surrounded by divine healing energy, imagine your sperms being bathed in white light and are energized and strong and ready to do the job you want them to do, visualise it all.

    And allow the sadness, give it the space it needs, observe it give it love. allow the sadness to get as big as it can get, tell it sadness you are welcome here, then once it is at its biggest wrap it in a healing white light balloon and release it back to source/god/ divine/ existence.

    I can understand you wife not wanting to hear your fears, as she is also probably filled with fear, and yours just adds to hers, but each one must be with their own feelings and accept that that is how each are feeling in the moment.

    I can relate to your feelings about being a spectator to the conception of your baby, it is a very natural response and you are being so courageous reaching out, and being so honest in your sharing. I honour your honesty, it really is a testament to the incredible person that you are.

    I feel you are a sensitive soul and this reality you are faced with is giving your ideals of manhood a knock. Giving you a feeling that you are unable to do ”your job” so to speak. However i think it is now very important for you to look at the very big picture of being a father – to really grasp that understanding on a deep level of what a father really is.

    Parenting is not in the conception, it is in the 24/7 love and care that you will very much be a part of for your child. Parenting is in the gentle guidance you offer your child, parenting is in the transformation you as a person makes when this child enters your life, the growth and development you make to become the best example of a loving, trusting, honest, reliable, understanding, compassionate, funny, wise person for you child. this is the real juice of being a father, this is what it is all about.

    I know and really appreciate the loss you are feeling that perhaps he wont have your DNA, but think bigger, much bigger, he /she is going to have you as their guide, their protector, their inspiration, their unconditional love, you will be their world, relish in this, sit and soak up the deep meaning of that for a moment.

    i wish you well, keep in touch.

  16. I am so very proud of you and the determination you and your wife are giving to the process of becoming parents. It is absolutely wonderful. What a wonderful daddy you are going to be, what a fine example you will be as a father. Keep everything going, keep the motto not if but when clearly in your belief system and keep your connection to spirit/source/god/existence strong, asking for help when you need strength, asking for love when you feel you need support and being grateful for all you have in this moment.

    I had a thought that some EFT might be great for you too. go to you tube and search EFT there is a load of clips instructing you how to do it, its not difficult and though i havent read much about it being used for fertility, i know its been very successful for many people to release blockages for all sorts of issues. They are having great success with vets, suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome, weight loss, and a host of other things. I thought it can be worth you learning the basics via you tube and working with it daily..have a look and if you want help with writing a script to use, i will be very happy to do that for you. just let me know.

    i wish you well, you are doing great, Im very proud of you.

    blessings to you and your wife

  17. Hello I’m new to this blog my husband and I started our journey in August and we are still waiting, I started seeing a be clinic because the first 2 gave me almost no hope one dr actually said that I would be waiting my time I hav an fsh of 38 and it’s very scary. We are going with. New Hope Fertlity in NY city, this Dr believes in one healthy egg and we will be starting what is called Natural Ivf no injections to stimulate they work with only one egg at a time the egg that your body naturally produces overly month. Im hoping to hear other strikes similar to mine my husband and I are highly motivated and we are trying to stay positive about the whole thing but I cannot help but feel overwhelmed and sad at times.

  18. Stef1970, its so natural to feel overwhelmed. Realizing that your dreams of parenthood are not as easy to achieve as you always imagined is a big emotional experience. Allow that overwhelm to be there, its a part of the journey. Then guide yourself back to the ‘knowing’ that you only need one egg to make a baby and that you can do this. My chinese doctor is adamant that we get pregnant with our mind and thoughts, and our job is to seek out the fears and other energy blockages and release them in love. So be kind to yourself, be grateful when a fear comes along, so you can know it love it and release it.

    i dont have alot of info on the natural cycle, but what i have im happy to share. I have heard of this process being successful, especially for women over 40, whom find that the IVF drugs are not actually creating more eggs for them. My chinese doctor was very much in favour of this method and suggested i try this if i was not successful with the regular ivf. She said she had older patients who had no success with regular ivf, conceiving through this method.

    I know from one user of this method, that it is a smoother less emotional journey,than regular IVF which means from my point of view that you are better able to maintain the essential balance and focus and good positive attitude.

    The user, said though, that its very important to have an ultrasound BEFORE you go into surgery to take the egg out to ensure that it is there to take. she said that on two occasions she arrived to the hospital at the allocated time, but the ultrasound had shown that she had already ovulated and the eggs moved out of the range of where they could do an aspiration. The doctor told her it was lucky they checked because if she had gone into the surgery, they would need to charge her regardless of the outcome.

    Thats all i can share. hope its helpful. Maybe some other people will be able to share their experiences with you.

    wishing you great success.

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