About mysticmiss

I am a free spirit who has been travelling the globe for almost 20years. 

I am inspired by the diversity of cultures we have on our planet and get a great thrill at any opportunity to observe how a family unit operates within the different cultures.

I am comitted to a life of searching for the truth within, trying to know, understand and love the person I am more  deeply. In doing so, I  hope also to know, understand and love the world around me more deeply too.

Life is one great big adventure, full with endless choices of paths to take & unlimited lessons to learn and I feel pretty damn honoured to be here living it.

This is not to say that being here   is always an easy journey.. definately not!  But I wouldnt give it up for Quids!!! 



3 Responses

  1. Dear mystic miss,

    I came across your this blogging and read part of your ivf story. You mention postings and a complete list of your treatment details. I am not able to find it. I just went thru my ivf treatment at 41. I was successful and got pregnant but lost my baby at about 9 weeks. I am devastated right now but want to go and do it again. As soon as possible.
    I would love to hear from you since you sound to be an inspiring person.

  2. Hi, I stumbled upon your blog and plan to read all your entries on Ivf. Hubby and I are supposed to start in about 2weeks with the process. Today I read an article on the medical risks of pregnancy after 40. Oh my, I have never been so terrified in my life. My hubby was thinking no big deal until he read it. It made it sound like pregnancy at 41 is a death sentence. Were you warned of risks, were you at all turned off by the risks? I have some background of medical issues so I tend to be a bit cautious now. Just wondering, looking for some courage and insight. Plan to discuss this a bit further with my doctor. Thanks!

  3. Elisa, im no medical doctor, so my opinion is entirely personal and not really based on a medical background or research. i didnt hear or read about the risks of pregnancy after 40 and did not go down that road for a second. I refused in this process to consider statistics, i felt in my heart, that i was healthy, that i could do this, that my body could do this and that i wanted this , so i just went for it.

    the last thing i needed to be allowing myself to get engulfed by was fear, i kept my focus on being as healthy as i could, i ate well slept well, thought positive thoughts, visualised the reality i wanted and believed deeply and with my whole heart that it was possible.

    Great idea to get some feedback from your doctor if you feel it will help you relax, also go see a traditional chinese medicine doctor to get a more holistic perspective.

    i do know that there are higher risks for the babies health, with downs etc but there are many many tests now that can be done to ensure things are going ok

    i hope this serves you in some way. i wish you the very best on your journey to mummyhood.

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