Alpha Inventions What A Gem!

Here’s a Gem worth taking a squizz at..

alpha inventions is absolutely fabulous!

alpha inventions is a great idea

Looking through my referrals recently I noticed a name I hadnt seen before alphainventions so I went to take a look. I’m glad I did.  What a great idea!

Alpha Inventions is the brainchild of Cheru Jackson, a very creative coder who has, the beneift of all bloggers, created this site that allows you to upload your blog for free so that others may read your new posts in real time. 

Basically it allows bloggers who would never come across your blog, to have a little taste of what you write about.  And it gives you the same opportunity. I am really enjoying it, its great fun to spend a few mintues browsing other bloggers material. Ive come across some great stuff.

If you want to know more about alpha inventions then visit Cheru’s blog.  

Thumbs Up to Cheru jackson & Alpha Inventions 

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Sneak Peek At Future Fashion

Creative Fashion At Its Best! 



Fashion Designer - Adriana Bertini

Who would have ever thought that the good old condom was capable of being transformed into a gown as stylish and elegant as this. 
Hats of to designer Adriana Bertini for her ingenius creativity. The Brazilian artist creates delicious gowns from defective or past their best by date condoms. One wedding gown design used almost 80,000.

Fashion of the future, wonderful designs, artistic ideas


Calling All Adventurous types


Do hotel catagories like underwater,cave, lighthouse, palace,igloo,fantasy, prisons, designer, crazy or views to die for sound super intriging to you?  

Recommended by a friend who travels the globe as a living and who counts discovering little known pieces of paradise as one of her greatest thrills in life, this fabulous, easy to navigate hotel website I am baout to reveal, has recently become her NEW best travelling companion.

Whether its spa’s hidden away in the tropical jungles of Panama, an exclusive little known tree house resort in Costa Rica, a secluded cabin in Canada’s wilderness, or underground cave resort in Turkey, my well travelled princess pal   has managed to find get quality, unique and uber interesting hotel options at almost every stop on her business travel this year.

Absolutely perfect for those whose dream holiday destinations are places so unusual that no one you know has ever heard of them nor ventured anywhere even remotely close by.

And if you are not feeling so adventurous now, you never know when the urge to become the next great travelling wilbury will steal your soul and have you dreaming of far away places where getting lost in tranquility is on the menu day after day after day…..

Unusual hotels of the  is a ripper and well worth an entry onto your favourites list.

Superbly unique, incredibly interesting and outrageously adventurous hotel options

Inspiring movies, books & personal growth directories



The number of people searching for inspiration these days is astounding. Two posts I wrote recently that have resonated with a great number of people are ‘looking for meaning in your life’ and ‘the most inspiring movie this decade’ 

My personal search for inspirational material continues and while there is alot of commercial garbage about, I do come across some absolute gems from time to time.  Here is some of the most recent sites and info ive found that may interest you.   

Magazine: I have recently taken an annual prescription for is What is enlightenment? Delivered right to your door four times a year and costing $19.95, its a great read. A non profit magazine, its full with inspiring articles, great book reccomendations, details for courses around the globe and pages upon pages of inspiration.

Inspiring Movies: For those who enjoy being inspired via cinema, Ive found a wonderful website that delivers monthly inspirational movies to your door.  A great number of incredibly inspiring movies are created every year, however due to the movie monguels of holywood not believing that there is a big enough audience for these movies, they simply do not get to the big screen. The spiritual cinema circle gives the general public access to a fab selection of these wonderful movies.  For your info, here are some customer reviews for the website.

Movie Reviews: If you are looking for inspiring movies to watch, here are a few websites that review spiritual and inspiring movies. and 

Inspirational WebsitesFinding information thats both inspiring and helpful on the web can often mean wading through alot  of commercial rubbish before finding something thats genuinely beneficial. Directories can often help to focus your search a little more. Here’s a few Ive found that offer some interesting options. 

USA/CAN : & 



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Busy but Bored… Here’s an inspiring solution..

If you have been feeling that although life is more busy than ever before, it has also become more BORING than you can ever remember.. then know that you are not the only one feeling like this.

There is an ever increasing number of people on the planet feeling EXACTLY the same way.  So dont be alarmed, and certainly dont be depressed about it.. in FACT quite the opposite reaction is actually called for.

Shout out with joy that you are feeling this, for its a great gift.  And while you’re shouting, give yourself a high five because becoming aware of this feeling is wonderful, its a great step forward in your self development.  

Whenever boredom is felt in our lives, it is only a very sweet and timely message from existence that it is time to put something new into our life. Its an indication that we are ready to learn again, we are ready to take on a new challenge, we  are ready to take another step forward in the development of ourselves.  It is a wonderful message to begin taking a more focussed look at what this beautiful world of our has to offer us.

So congratulations!!  You are in a fantastic place right now. Your awareness got you to here and now Its time for that same awareness to take you another step. 

You need to become even more aware now. Its time to open your eyes, its time to begin connecting to your inner intuition, to begin looking & listening for the messages that life will be enthusiastically trying to give you about where is your next step.

Maybe the message comes from a person you meet, or from a book you read, maybe from a song you hear, or an inspiring movie you watch..  things will start to ring bells, something will ignite a spark within. You just need to be aware, to be on the look out, to be alert.

And to know the messages are there for you. Sometimes subtle, sometimes loud and clear, but always there.  So eyes open,  be alert and open to receive and….  who knows what exciting journey you will find yourself on. 



Have a listen to this guy, The American Monk.. he has some great stuff to say. If he doesnt ignite any sparks dont worry, just keep your eyes and heart open. If you are in need of some more inspiration, pop back to visit me here at  over the coming weeks and months to see what other interesting people I have come across.  

You see I am also searching to ignite my inner spark.. so our journey is the same. Im looking and listening and trying to stay as alert as possible so Ill keep you posted on what I find. 

Goodluck to us all. When looking at boredom from the right perspective, its the beginning of a very exciting journey indeed!

Until next time


PEACE – for ONE DAY.. can we do it?


PEACE ONE DAY is a concept created by Jeremy Gilley, an actor turned film maker, who in the late 1990’s felt overwhelmed by what he saw going on, on our planet.

Everywhere Jeremy looked, he was met with visions of conflict, destruction, fighting, oppression and misery. He began to question the fundamental nature of humanity and the issue of peace.

In 1999, Jeremy founded Peace One Day, a non-profit organisation and began to enthusiastically campaign for a day of Global Peace. He wanted the world to have ONE DAY, that was recognised globally every year, by all nations, as a day of cease fire, a day of PEACE. 

In 2001 Peace One Day’s efforts were rewarded when the United Nations unanimously adopted the first-ever day of global ceasefire and non-violence on 21 September annually – Peace Day.

Every year since the United Nations officially created Sept 21st as Peace Day, thousands of people around the world have shown their support . In large and small ways, ordinary folks have committed to adding their individual positive energy to the global peace energy of the day. 

Mass meditation on Peace Day Sept 21st 2007

Mass meditation In Sri Lanka - Peace Day Sept 21st 2007

In 2007 according to the United Nations, over 100 million people were active on Peace Day, in 192 countries.

There were life-saving initiatives in 14 countries, and over 80 activities in Afghanistan alone where 1.4 million children were vaccinated against polio. 

PEACE ONE DAY held on the 21st Sept every year, is a truly wonderful idea, because you and I and everyone we know can get involved. We can make it happen.. 

FOR ONE DAY, if we all come together, we could create Peace on the whole entire planet..  imagine it.. peace everywhere..

We are a global community and together we have immense power. A positive power that many of us may have forgotten we possess.  We can realise once again, our united power and by supporting PEACE ONE DAY  on Sept 21st  we have a chance to see it in action.

We can all contribute to peace, no matter how big or small on Sept 21st 2008.  It is an opportunity to unite,  as an entire community and commit to PEACE for ONE DAY.  

United Nations Peace Day Poster

United Nations Peace Day Poster

Sports giant Puma have got involved promoting football games around the world on Sept 21st 2008.  All around the globe celebrations and events are happening. 

The days catch phrase is ‘What will you be doing on sept 21st?‘ 

Its a good  question.. Dont you think?   What will you be doing? 

Check out the website,  watch the video clips Ive linked to this article and visit the various information sites & global event listings Ive linked to. (highlighted words throughout on the site)

Its a great opportunity to connect to something you really care about on a global scale.. there are so many fun ways to show your support… here’s a list to give you some inspiration..

* Create an event in your neighbourhood or workplace

* Have free story tellings from the childrens book  peace one day in the park.

* Decide to volunteer at a worthy cause for one day

* Organise a BBQ with friends in the name of peace one day

* Get some T-shirts made up for your friends and wear them proudly from now and until sept 21st

* Arrange a free concert if you are a musician

* If you are wealthy, create a scholarship for peace studies

* Give away free hugs in your city centre

* Create a petition in support of peace, get loads of people to sign it then send it to your local MP

There are so many ways to support the day.  Be creative, Be unique, Be Involved!

 Check out peace One Day’s website for more ideas on how you can be involved. 



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Looking for meaning in your life … dont miss this tip!


There are not many people I come into contact with nowdays, who are not, in some way, searching for meaning in their lives or put another way, looking for the purpose of their life.

Yet, when it comes to finding helpful tools to aid us on our search, I am always baffled by the amount of useless information peddled on the internet under the banner ‘Finding your life purpose’.. much of it is simply mumbo jumbo with no real depth or clarity. 

When a friend recently gave me a website to check out, I was grateful for her thoughtfulness, but didnt really get that excited about it.. what a mistake!!

Yesterday I visited the website and WOW!! its absolutely fantastic! Its exactly what I have been looking for. offers so much choice. There are many styles of teachings available to help you find your way.  Movies, lectures, book ideas, a forum and even an online TV station full with inspiring talks 24/7… I was delighted, it’s a great find. 

Viewing ‘The Manifest-Station’ is completely free. No sign-up. No hidden agenda. No Barriers. Just click, watch and grow.  There is even a program guide for the so you go online at a specific time to watch the shows that interest you. 

There is a wealth of information available for the ‘seekers of purpose’ from around the globe.   go check it out, its fabulous!

Until next time, be healthy, be happy