Teaching Children Empathy

Japans Answer to teaching children empathy


This clip was passed to me yesterday and I was so deeply moved by it, I felt it important to pass it on. ‘Children Full of Life’  is a short documentry (separated into 5  x 10 mins clips on you tube) on a teacher in japan who is teaching his grade 4 students to develop empathy.

The depth of the little kids emotions and the ability they develop with this teacher to share them  was deeply touching. I was moved to tears a few times, proud of them, proud of their courage.  These little people are learning perhaps one of the most important human skills  – empathy.  

If  schools around  the globe, begin including  in their ciriculum, lessons in empathy, compassion, remorse and forgiveness we may in the next generations,  experience a whole new level at which humanity communicates. 

I was inspired and so very proud of these boys and girls.


You saying Im the Govt’s bitch.. Obligatory Viewing

The ‘war on drugs’ is being funded by tobacco, alcohol and pharmaceutical companies.. Why??? 

Barney Frank’s comment ‘This notion that we somehow have to approve or criminalize all human activities is a great misunderstanding of Governments’   really turned flicked the switch for me.. 

I feel like I’ve been living in a cloudy haze and have just walked into the clear clean air.. I never thought about life from this perspective before.  

I certainly don’t need the govt to define all my activities into good  bad/ right wrong/ approve  criminalize  categories.  I’m a decent person and I can think for myself.  I can make my own judgements.

If we are not hurting other people or our planet, then it is our god given right to live love and laugh in whatever way we feel like it! 

Who do governments think they are, putting their noses so deeply into everyones business. They don’t own us, we are free people.

The role of government is to be our representatives not our masters!

Support World AIDS Day 1st Dec 2008 – Dont Turn Your Back

33 Million people in our world have AIDS.

50 % are women

 Young people (under 25 years old) account for half of all new HIV infections worldwide


Below are the latest statistics on the world epidemic of AIDS and HIV published by UNAIDS/WHO in July 2008. These figures refer to the end of 2007. ( the figures have since risen!!)  

  Estimate Range
People living with HIV/AIDS in 2007 33.0 million     30.3-36.1 million
Adults living with HIV/AIDS in 2007 30.8 million     28.2-34.0 million
Women living with HIV/AIDS in 2007 15.5 million     14.2-16.9 million
Children living with HIV/AIDS in 2007 2.0 million     1.9-2.3 million
People newly infected with HIV in 2007 2.7 million     2.2-3.2 million
Children newly infected with HIV in 2007 0.37 million     0.33-0.41 million
AIDS deaths in 2007 2.0 million     1.8-2.3 million
Child AIDS deaths in 2007 0.27 million     0.25-0.29 million

More than 25 million people have died of AIDS since 1981.

Full Statisitics

AIDS Does Not Discriminate

 Children, Women, Men, Old, Young, Black, White, Sick, Healthy, Gay, Straight

Anyone can become infected…

On December 1st – World AIDS Day

Lets come together, without judgement to find the solution

Show Your Support



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President Obama’s vision of change reached across oceans

Congratulations America, may this be the dawn of a new era not only for youselves but for the entire world.

Although not an America and living many thousands of miles and many oceans away, I sat glued to the TV last night, watching, at 41 years of age,  my first American Presidential Election. 

Ive never been interested in politics before, but now more than ever I want change in our world.  I  want us all to live in a world where peace and prosperity is available for everyone and in a world where our environment is respected and cared for. 

Barack Obama’s vision that so inspired all of you, inspired me also. His message reached far outside your borders and gave me hope. He instilled in me a belief that change is possible.  

Watch victory speech Pt 2 

When the results were announced, the emotions were overwhelming. Tears of pride and tears of admiration overflowed for you, who as a nation, found your way to unite together, stand up and let your voices be heard and counted.  

Barack Obama being voted in as the 44th President Of the United States Of America was one of the most significant world events I have witnessed. Well done America!  Be proud. I am very proud of you. Today on this most historical of days,  you gained in me a great new fan of the american people.

May this be the dawn of a new era in the way our world takes care of its people and its environment.  With a strong, sincere and caring leadership, its possible. May President Obama lead the way and inspire other nations to follow and may we all accept the responsibility to do our share.


Barack Obama acceptance speech for his party’s nomination for President and speaks to the 2008 Democratic National Convention.  

PEACE – How to teach this to our children.

Peace Day - A story Book For Children

Peace Day - A story Book For Children

How does one begin to teach children about Peace ?  It is a word so frequently heard in conversations these days, yet how do we explain its concept to children?

Its a little bit like saying ‘do as i say not as i do’ rather than leading by example, because we,  the adults of our world are not really showing our children a concept of PEACE.

If we have the courage to be really honest with ourselves and take responsibility for our actions (or non action) it is difficult not to admit that actually far from knowing peace and living in peace, we are in fact doing quite the opposite.

We have created war, poverty and hunger. We have created corporations that do not consider the individual important and the consequences of this have had a terrible effect on the balance of our global community.

We have allowed the media corporations to become so powerful they control all the global news we read and see.

We have allowed them to create the vision of our world and this vision we now have, frightens us so much, we live in fear, deep fear of almost everything.

We lock our doors, we dont talk to strangers, we dont get involved in community injustices for fear of our own safety. We are afraid of our world, afraid of the reality we have created.

So how do we teach our children about Peace?  How do we prepare and educate our beloved children to know what peace is and how to achieve it for themselves?

I recently read that ‘we as humanity have lost our of vision of Peace’  

We no longer have a clear concept of what Peace looks like. And before we can live in Peace, we must first be able to Imagine Peace. We must first take the time to create a strong, clear image of what we  want Peace to be.

Its been written that ‘Peace is not the absence of conflict, but rather the ability to cope with it, to open our hearts to listening, giving respect to each side in an attempt to understand the conflict and hence, find a resolution that is good for both’

If this is peace, where are we showing our children examples of this?

Every news channel is showing non stop visions of war, terror, destruction and endless sadness, many childrens games are centred on war and fighting in some way or another, where the goal is to WIN, to beat the other, there seems no education in these games in skills of compromise or tolerance….and very few global examples of this either. 

So how does one teach Peace to a child?

This question hangs heavily on my heart. How can we nuture a new generation not to think and behave like we have done?  how do we teach them a new way?

Perhaps its by helping them to create their own vision/image of Peace. To help them to create a clear image of what Peace is for them.

Perhaps it is also about us, the adults becoming more creative in our peace efforts, thinking with a new mind, rather than the mind that created the reality we live now in. Perhaps as families we need to get more actively involved  thus leading by example on the path towards Peace.

While searching the net for ways to do all of these things, I came across a delightful little childrens book created for World Peace Day on Sept 21st  and thought it was really worth sharing it you.

The Peace Day Book is available to read Free online in 14 different languages.  Have a read, tell your friends and if you think it gets the message across to children consider donating one to your child’s school.

Read The Peace Day book:

http://www.peacedaybook.com    http://www.internationaldayofpeace.org/story/

This is a subject close ot my heart, if you have suggestions on how to teach children about Peace please share them by adding a comment below.

What is Peace to you?  Here’s some other peoples ideas of PEACE.

Until next time

love and laughter


PEACE – for ONE DAY.. can we do it?


PEACE ONE DAY is a concept created by Jeremy Gilley, an actor turned film maker, who in the late 1990’s felt overwhelmed by what he saw going on, on our planet.

Everywhere Jeremy looked, he was met with visions of conflict, destruction, fighting, oppression and misery. He began to question the fundamental nature of humanity and the issue of peace.

In 1999, Jeremy founded Peace One Day, a non-profit organisation and began to enthusiastically campaign for a day of Global Peace. He wanted the world to have ONE DAY, that was recognised globally every year, by all nations, as a day of cease fire, a day of PEACE. 

In 2001 Peace One Day’s efforts were rewarded when the United Nations unanimously adopted the first-ever day of global ceasefire and non-violence on 21 September annually – Peace Day.

Every year since the United Nations officially created Sept 21st as Peace Day, thousands of people around the world have shown their support . In large and small ways, ordinary folks have committed to adding their individual positive energy to the global peace energy of the day. 

Mass meditation on Peace Day Sept 21st 2007

Mass meditation In Sri Lanka - Peace Day Sept 21st 2007

In 2007 according to the United Nations, over 100 million people were active on Peace Day, in 192 countries.

There were life-saving initiatives in 14 countries, and over 80 activities in Afghanistan alone where 1.4 million children were vaccinated against polio. 

PEACE ONE DAY held on the 21st Sept every year, is a truly wonderful idea, because you and I and everyone we know can get involved. We can make it happen.. 

FOR ONE DAY, if we all come together, we could create Peace on the whole entire planet..  imagine it.. peace everywhere..

We are a global community and together we have immense power. A positive power that many of us may have forgotten we possess.  We can realise once again, our united power and by supporting PEACE ONE DAY  on Sept 21st  we have a chance to see it in action.

We can all contribute to peace, no matter how big or small on Sept 21st 2008.  It is an opportunity to unite,  as an entire community and commit to PEACE for ONE DAY.  

United Nations Peace Day Poster

United Nations Peace Day Poster

Sports giant Puma have got involved promoting football games around the world on Sept 21st 2008.  All around the globe celebrations and events are happening. 

The days catch phrase is ‘What will you be doing on sept 21st?‘ 

Its a good  question.. Dont you think?   What will you be doing? 

Check out the website,  watch the video clips Ive linked to this article and visit the various information sites & global event listings Ive linked to. (highlighted words throughout on the site)

Its a great opportunity to connect to something you really care about on a global scale.. there are so many fun ways to show your support… here’s a list to give you some inspiration..

* Create an event in your neighbourhood or workplace

* Have free story tellings from the childrens book  peace one day in the park.

* Decide to volunteer at a worthy cause for one day

* Organise a BBQ with friends in the name of peace one day

* Get some T-shirts made up for your friends and wear them proudly from now and until sept 21st

* Arrange a free concert if you are a musician

* If you are wealthy, create a scholarship for peace studies

* Give away free hugs in your city centre

* Create a petition in support of peace, get loads of people to sign it then send it to your local MP

There are so many ways to support the day.  Be creative, Be unique, Be Involved!

 Check out peace One Day’s website for more ideas on how you can be involved. 



Until next time,


Did you have an emotional reaction watching this?


With Global Media Corporations hell bent on showing viewers only the realities of war, terror, destruction and misery, videos like Matt Harding’s,  are a delightful breath of fresh air and more importantly, are a snap shot of much needed truth.

The truth being that there are two sides of every coin.   The Truth being that our world is not all doom and destruction, that in every minute of every day, a great number of good things are happening on our planet. 

Our world is, I agree, very much in a crisis. All the events the media present to us are happening. It is absolutely terrible and devastatingly sad.  We must know about this in order to come together to find solutions. 

However, we as a global community need also to see evidence that we are finding solutions. And We are !!

People are coming together, people are doing things..many things.  Our global community is filled with love, hope, joy, openness, acceptance, togetherness and an immensely powerful positive energy and we all need to see this, to be reminded of this.  

The world media have a responsibility to show us both sides of the coin and we have a right to see it.

We need to see it!  

We are a global community and it is evident that our survival depends on creating ways  to experience these positive emotions with one another and to share the hope that dwells within each of us.

We need to see the amazing strength of character and innate goodness that exist in the people of our world. Its what will get us through the crisis’s, it’s what will give us the push to band together to make the changes necessary.

Everywhere, good, kind, wholesome, peaceful people exist. Wonderful things are being done and in every corner of the planet,  people are dancing and smiling and finding their own ways to express love, share good energies.

I applaud this clip and I sincerely appreciate the hope that it gave me. 

‘Peace is not the absence of conflict, but rather the ability to cope with it, to have hearts able to feel compassion and understanding one another’

It made me smile to see so many people around our planet smiling and dancing.  The friendliness and simple joy that Matt was able to capture from all corners of the world, is testament that we are a world filled with wonderfully joyous souls trying as best we can, to celebrate our existence. 

And with fifteen million views in just two weeks, I’d say Im not the only one who WANTS and NEEDS to see more positive snap shots of our global community. 

‘An open heart is the master of solutions’

It helps melt the heaviness of fear that the global media so desperately wants to instill within us and instead, creates a sense of lightness, of hope;  a sense of oneness, an inner knowing that if we come together, we will get through this crisis, we will find our way to live together in peace.

We are, after all, amazing, gorgeous, talented and wonderful…and born to make manifest the glory of god that is within us.. and its not just in some of us, it is within all of us… just as Marianne Williamson’s poem expresses.

If the Global media corporations want to use their power for the good of humanity, they can do so by showing THE two sides of lifes coin.

The only way for peace to prevail in our world is if our hearts are open.. We must understand accept and take personal responsibility to develop our compassion, love, forgiveness, empathy, compromise, ability to see anothers pain and to always be prepared for change.

These need to be displayed..even in the most difficult of situations and by giving us examples of people are are doing so, it will encourage more of us to do the same.

If you feel the same way, please take a moment to make a comment below.. its time to share our thoughts.

Until next time,

love and laughter