Music listeners …A tip not to be missed!

last.fmA few weeks back I received a tip from an avid music fan  to go to and check it out.

Having enough music in my house to listen to well into my next few lifetimes, I didnt heed his advice and visit the site immediately.

This weekend however, with a little time on my hands I decided to go take a look. WOW WOW!! great stuff. is super easy, you put in your tags and then the site plays you an endless stream of music. If you like a track there is an option to add it to your play list or to tell last FM you loved it, and also an option to ban a track if it is not to your liking.. the more you listen and the more  you click love or ban or save, the more the site gets aquainted with your personal taste.

As the site learn your taste, the quality of the music they play for you improves, and it doesnt take long.. each time I use the site the music seems to step up to another level. I am delighted, I am listening to a whole load of new music that i would never have come in to contact with before.

Its all about the tags. Tags are the words you use to find the music you want.. it can be a music style or an artist.. eg reggae dub, chillout, elctro funk etc etc  You can think of them yourself, you can look at the tags used on songs/tracks you enjoyed and use them, but the tags are the key.   go check it out its great fun !

until next time