Teaching Children Empathy

Japans Answer to teaching children empathy


This clip was passed to me yesterday and I was so deeply moved by it, I felt it important to pass it on. ‘Children Full of Life’  is a short documentry (separated into 5  x 10 mins clips on you tube) on a teacher in japan who is teaching his grade 4 students to develop empathy.

The depth of the little kids emotions and the ability they develop with this teacher to share them  was deeply touching. I was moved to tears a few times, proud of them, proud of their courage.  These little people are learning perhaps one of the most important human skills  – empathy.  

If  schools around  the globe, begin including  in their ciriculum, lessons in empathy, compassion, remorse and forgiveness we may in the next generations,  experience a whole new level at which humanity communicates. 

I was inspired and so very proud of these boys and girls.


Dr Feelgood stikes again

Are you getting your daily hit of  Validation?

Though the message is simple, its obviously one people needed and wanted to hear.  Written directed and composed by Kurt Kuenne and starring TJ Thyne & Vicki Davis, Validation has won a string of esteemed awards and gained immense popularity around the globe. 

Validation’s Awards

* Best Narrative Short –  Cleveland International Film Festival

* Best Short Comedy – Hawaii International Film Festival

* Crystal heart Award – Breckenridge Festival of Film

* Best Short Film & Audience Award – Heartland Film Festival

* Best Short Film – Sedona International Film Festival

* Christopher & Dana Reeve Audience Award –  Williamstown Film Festival

* Best Comedy – Dam Short Film Festival

* Audience Award – Gen Art Chicago Film Festival

* Jury Award Winner

Validation..  we all need it from time to time


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how many times have you said this to yourself..

Simple exercise for to boost your self development & personal growth 


Only takes a few minutes but has an incredible impact.  Good luck

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I’m Great You’re Great she says

Lousie Hay  Im wonderful, you’re wonderful, we’re all wonderful 

Reminding ourselves we are wonderful is something many of us forget in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, though as lousie hay points out.. its really important to find the time or we begin to suffer the consequences.

Take a look at this clip and be inspired to see the good, the wonderful and the absolute amazing-ness of who you are.  Its only takes a few minutes… and YOU deserve it!! 

Love yourself it’s a gift you deserve to give yourself…

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Inspiring movies, books & personal growth directories

courtesy ericweisstein.com

courtesy ericweisstein.com

The number of people searching for inspiration these days is astounding. Two posts I wrote recently that have resonated with a great number of people are ‘looking for meaning in your life’ and ‘the most inspiring movie this decade’ 

My personal search for inspirational material continues and while there is alot of commercial garbage about, I do come across some absolute gems from time to time.  Here is some of the most recent sites and info ive found that may interest you.   

Magazine: I have recently taken an annual prescription for is What is enlightenment? Delivered right to your door four times a year and costing $19.95, its a great read. A non profit magazine, its full with inspiring articles, great book reccomendations, details for courses around the globe and pages upon pages of inspiration.

Inspiring Movies: For those who enjoy being inspired via cinema, Ive found a wonderful website that delivers monthly inspirational movies to your door.  A great number of incredibly inspiring movies are created every year, however due to the movie monguels of holywood not believing that there is a big enough audience for these movies, they simply do not get to the big screen. The spiritual cinema circle gives the general public access to a fab selection of these wonderful movies.  For your info, here are some customer reviews for the website.

Movie Reviews: If you are looking for inspiring movies to watch, here are a few websites that review spiritual and inspiring movies. http://www.spiritual-short-stories.com/spiritual-movies.html and  http://www.spiritualteachers.org/moreinspiration.htm 

Inspirational WebsitesFinding information thats both inspiring and helpful on the web can often mean wading through alot  of commercial rubbish before finding something thats genuinely beneficial. Directories can often help to focus your search a little more. Here’s a few Ive found that offer some interesting options. 

USA/CAN : http://www.spiritandsky.com/ &   http://www.findthedivine.com/ 

UK/IRELAND/SCOTLAND: http://www.triple-moon.co.uk/links.php 

AUSTRALIA:  http://www.spiritfind.net/category.pl?Cat=Spiritual_Paths&Dir=SpiritFind

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Busy but Bored… Here’s an inspiring solution..

If you have been feeling that although life is more busy than ever before, it has also become more BORING than you can ever remember.. then know that you are not the only one feeling like this.

There is an ever increasing number of people on the planet feeling EXACTLY the same way.  So dont be alarmed, and certainly dont be depressed about it.. in FACT quite the opposite reaction is actually called for.

Shout out with joy that you are feeling this, for its a great gift.  And while you’re shouting, give yourself a high five because becoming aware of this feeling is wonderful, its a great step forward in your self development.  

Whenever boredom is felt in our lives, it is only a very sweet and timely message from existence that it is time to put something new into our life. Its an indication that we are ready to learn again, we are ready to take on a new challenge, we  are ready to take another step forward in the development of ourselves.  It is a wonderful message to begin taking a more focussed look at what this beautiful world of our has to offer us.

So congratulations!!  You are in a fantastic place right now. Your awareness got you to here and now Its time for that same awareness to take you another step. 

You need to become even more aware now. Its time to open your eyes, its time to begin connecting to your inner intuition, to begin looking & listening for the messages that life will be enthusiastically trying to give you about where is your next step.

Maybe the message comes from a person you meet, or from a book you read, maybe from a song you hear, or an inspiring movie you watch..  things will start to ring bells, something will ignite a spark within. You just need to be aware, to be on the look out, to be alert.

And to know the messages are there for you. Sometimes subtle, sometimes loud and clear, but always there.  So eyes open,  be alert and open to receive and….  who knows what exciting journey you will find yourself on. 



Have a listen to this guy, The American Monk.. he has some great stuff to say. If he doesnt ignite any sparks dont worry, just keep your eyes and heart open. If you are in need of some more inspiration, pop back to visit me here at https://mysticmiss.wordpress.com/  over the coming weeks and months to see what other interesting people I have come across.  

You see I am also searching to ignite my inner spark.. so our journey is the same. Im looking and listening and trying to stay as alert as possible so Ill keep you posted on what I find. 

Goodluck to us all. When looking at boredom from the right perspective, its the beginning of a very exciting journey indeed!

Until next time


Doing and Being..Finding The Balance

Surrounded by motivated achievers, people with the capacity to fit more into their day than I am comfortable to fit in to a week, I am inspired yet at the same time feel a sense of inadequancy rising.

These supremely acitive souls generally work full time, usually study as well, socialise a number of times in any given week, meet regularly with family, do sport and phew the list goes on !!! Its a whole lot of doing. 

Seeping into every nook is cranny of my body is the feeling that Im jsut not doing enough with my life. The opinionated and outspoken self critic, delights in jumping on her soap box to shout out her orders that I need to do more, be more, achieve more and learn more etc etc. Its uncomfortable, debilitating and feels terrible. 

Then yesterday as I sat gazing at the tree and listening to the birds outside my window, I heard a quiet little voice whispering to me. Her message was so calm and peaceful.

‘Being’ is also an important part of life.  When life becomes full with doing, there is little time for simply being. Sitting quietly, enjoying stillness and absorbing the sound of silence.  Listening to the essence of life’

Im sure this little voice is my soul. The part of me that is content whole and complete. The part of me that doesnt need to compare myself to others, nor feel bad that I achieve less than some.

She’s reminding me that I am ok exactly as I am. Reminding me that we are all unique and comparing is simply not necessary. Reminding me that all my answers are within and I need only to sit quietly and ‘be’ and all I need to know in life will be revealed. 

It was so good to hear her words, thank goodness I had taken a moment to sit quietly so they could be heard.

Until Next time