Teaching Children Empathy

Japans Answer to teaching children empathy


This clip was passed to me yesterday and I was so deeply moved by it, I felt it important to pass it on. ‘Children Full of Life’  is a short documentry (separated into 5  x 10 mins clips on you tube) on a teacher in japan who is teaching his grade 4 students to develop empathy.

The depth of the little kids emotions and the ability they develop with this teacher to share them  was deeply touching. I was moved to tears a few times, proud of them, proud of their courage.  These little people are learning perhaps one of the most important human skills  – empathy.  

If  schools around  the globe, begin including  in their ciriculum, lessons in empathy, compassion, remorse and forgiveness we may in the next generations,  experience a whole new level at which humanity communicates. 

I was inspired and so very proud of these boys and girls.


Dr Feelgood stikes again

Are you getting your daily hit of  Validation?

Though the message is simple, its obviously one people needed and wanted to hear.  Written directed and composed by Kurt Kuenne and starring TJ Thyne & Vicki Davis, Validation has won a string of esteemed awards and gained immense popularity around the globe. 

Validation’s Awards

* Best Narrative Short –  Cleveland International Film Festival

* Best Short Comedy – Hawaii International Film Festival

* Crystal heart Award – Breckenridge Festival of Film

* Best Short Film & Audience Award – Heartland Film Festival

* Best Short Film – Sedona International Film Festival

* Christopher & Dana Reeve Audience Award –  Williamstown Film Festival

* Best Comedy – Dam Short Film Festival

* Audience Award – Gen Art Chicago Film Festival

* Jury Award Winner

Validation..  we all need it from time to time


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how many times have you said this to yourself..

Simple exercise for to boost your self development & personal growth 


Only takes a few minutes but has an incredible impact.  Good luck

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Are you satisfied with life?

What is this life all about?   What is my purpose?  What am I doing here?    Is there meaning to me being here or is it all simply a co incidence?

These questions are my constant companions. Sometimes its an enjoyable experience pondering on these questions while other times its a totally frustrating and even heartbreaking experience.

Having been blessed in life with a certain financial success, I figured  inner joy and contentment would be one of the rewards from the fruits of the  hard labour that got me to this point..  

To date, this is the greatest illusion I have been living with.  Money does not automatically bring inner contentment.

Please do yourself a great favour, if like me you were under the illusion that all you needed to do was sort out finanical security and the rest would fall into place.. I beg you , wash this from your memories, its simply not true, it is not the case. 

The same issues of what to do with your life/ what brings you lasting joy and contentment will remain no matter how large your bank balance. 

True, financial freedom gives you a little breathing space. Instead of running about working like a crazy woman with no time to ponder life questions, it gives you the time ask the deeper more difficult questions i mentioned at the beginning of this post.. and the time to listen to the …nothingness,  to realise perhaps like me, that you have no clue of these very significant answers, that they illude you completely.  

I have been on this journey for a couple of years. To begin with, when I sold the business and stopped working, I decided to travel again. Afterall it had been my love and my primary passion for most of my life. I  thought that now I could now travel as long as I wanted without needing to stop and work to top up my funds I would be eternally  joyous.

The realisation that dissatisfaction had crept into my reality was quite a shocking one. So is this it? Is this all my life amounts to? Travelling about the globe? Is there there not more to me, is there not a greater purpose for me being here? Is there not someting significant I meant to be doing with my life? And if the answer is YES to this question.. then what is it? how do i find it? how will I know it?  

To help find these answers, my partner and I decided to try and stop in one place and create a life for ourselves.. and this is where i am at in the present moment.

I have sat with these questions for sometime now and still they remain unanswered. I decided to write a list of the ‘things’ that I wanted to have in my life, things I wanted to try, to experience and to learn and begun to structure them into my life.  Perhaps my answers would come this way.  

This structure seems to be bringing a certain sense of satisfaction.  I know the comfort I am feeling  is still not  exactly what its all about. But it is a start.  A great start!

Hence my reason for sharing this wth you. If for any reason you or someone you know have also been feeling this sense of dissatisfaction in your life, maybe my list  will inspire you to make a list, or maybe you can just try some of the things I have been doing and see if they work for you. 

It takes work and effort to be joyous, it takes discipline to put things in ones life that give it meaning and purpose. It takes will power to sit quietly to listen to the soul and hear its messages of your purpose in this life time. 

I wish you well.  I would love some feedback,  to hear your thoughts.

until next time

much love and light


Amazing way to feel and look 10 years younger

never a better time to help yourself and help the planet.Turning 40 brought its fair share of emotions. First the sense of disbelief.. Gosh really 40 ..how did that happen so quickly.. I dont feel like 40! Do I look 40, do I behave like a 40 year old..and so on and so on..

The next step was reflection.. remembering the years gone by, the adventures, the challenges and the ups and downs on the roller coaster ride of life.  Taking a little mental check to see if I was satisfied with what my life amounted to til now…a great gift to myself.

It was a really enjoyable process, meandering through the endless field of memories cultivated from 40 years on our glorious planet.  Many many forgotten faces, experiences, and feelings came back into the here and now…Very pleaseant.

A great trip down memory lane… and a wonderful way to begin creating a little blueprint for the next 40 years of fun. Seeing what still inspires you, what you  would still like to do/achieve/try/create & experience

In a few days I am 41. I am feeling great. I bought a bicycle and am loving the expereince of scooting  about the city. Its connects me to the eternal child within, gets the blood circulating, is super healthy and great for the environment AND is a wonderful way to nuture ones vitality. Discovering places in your neighbourhood  you didnt even know exist is a frequent joy on a bicycle. 

Want to be rid of the heavy feelings of forty-dom? Want to leave this feeling way behind you?  Want to feel and look younger, feel more vital, feel more alive than you have for years ?

Get a Bike ladies and gents I promise.. it will change you, change you from within. I cant reccomend it enough!!


Until next time


Easy Morning Ritual to create a GREAT day!

Each day is a miracle

There is a precious powerful moment that occurs in our lives. It has the potential to transform our perspective on reality…

And the fabulous news is, that it comes along  every single day of our lives.

 This moment can transform your entire day from a run of the mill, stressed out experience, into a day filled with a sense of joy  gratitude and focus. 

Have you noticed this precious little moment in your day?   

 Its easy to miss it.  It can last for a mere nano second… or as I will explain, with a little effort, can also last a few minutes or as long as you desire.

Its a moment thats so incredibly powerful. Its potential so great, that if recognised and used well,  can transform your day from an average day into something much more wonderful.

This moment I am talking about, is the tiny little moment in your new day when you have become aware that you are no longer sleeping, but you havent yet opened your eyes ?

This little window of time is very unique  because it is so delightfully pure. Untainted with thoughts, concerns worries plans or emotions it is completely empty of content offering you a clean slate in which to start your day. 

Its this tiny little pure slice of your day, that we will be working with.    

 The  Easy Morning Ritual, takes as little as 5 minutes. The techniques are simple and anyone can do it.

Use the EASY MORNING RITUAL in this little window of time in your day and you will usually feel results from Day 1.  To feel changes more deeply, its best to do The EAsy Morning Ritual on a daily basis, working through the techniques each morning. 

If you have only 5 minutes to spare, fine, use it, if you have 15 even better!  The more time you can dedicate, the more you expand this precious window, hence the  greater the effect will be. 

If 5 mins is all the time you have available in the mornings, do each of the rituals for 1 minute, if you have 15mins do each for 3 minutes.

If you forget a day, dont be hard on yourself, simply make a mental note before you go to bed that night to remember to do the rituals the following morning.

Goodluck, enjoy and let me know how you get on.    Until then love and laughter mysticmiss

Mysticmiss’s Morning Ritual – 5 steps to a wonderful day

1.  Say goodmorning to your body

The moment you become aware that you are no longer sleeping, take your attention to your breath in order to connect with yourself.  Focussing on your breath for 5 breaths.

Now take your attention to your feet/legs and work your way up to your head, saying goodmorning to the different parts of your body. 

With sincerity,  thank each part for the role it plays in you being able to exist & live your life.  No need to say it aloud, this can be done silently, the important thing is to say it sincerely, so put your heart into it. 

eg. Goodmorning feet & legs,  thank you for the great job you do so that I can walk, ride my bike and move around so freely, I am really grateful.  goodmorning stomach & digestive system, thank you for the amazing job you do of digesting the food I eat, I am so very grateful for what you do for me.  etc etc

You may say the same things each day or you may change them. You can work up through the general body or can focus on more intricate parts, whatever feels right for you.  

If you have pain or illness in a particular area, be sure to include these in the goodmorning ritual.

If a particular part of the body did a great job for you in the previous day, be sure to praise it.  eg. thank you fingers for the great piano practise yesterday. i enjoyed it so much, thank you! 

2. Visualise the people you love.

Start with yourself.  Visualise yourself, once that visualisation is clear, visualise a beautiful pink bubble surrounding you completely.  The bubble can look misty like a cloud, it can be like a bubble gum bubble, or anything else you visualise as a bubble its up to you. 

Now look into your eyes and give yourself a sincere smile.  Say ‘goodmorning (your name) I wanted to tell you that I love you and I am really proud of who you are and all you do’   have a wonderful day today. Visualise giving yourself a hug.

Move to family/friends/ children/ wife/husband and do the same. 

While you always begin this exercise with yourself , you do not have to do the same people every morning. You can rotate, so do family one day, friends the next, or a mix of both each day. Its up to you. But always begin the ritual with yourself. 

if you have a friend who is having a hard time, this is a great exercise. you can say to them something like this, ‘ i know its not easy for you right now, I am thinking of you and sendng you love’ 

3. Gratitude

Choose things that you are grateful for and say it silently to life/existance/god/buddha/shiva/allah

eg.  ‘Thank you for the great friends I have, I am so grateful they are in my life’

‘Thank you for my loving wife, i am really grateful she is in my life thank you’

‘thank you for my health, I am really grateful’

‘thank you for my the geat sleep I had, I really needed it thank you ‘


4. Affirmations

I am inspired by life and am delighted to be here.

I am safe and all is well in my life.

I trust the process of life is on my side always working for my highest good and greatest joy.

Everywhere I look I see miracles.

Beauty in all forms surrounds me.

My health is fantastic.

I am full with vitality

I love life 

My awareness is developing daily.

Everything I touch is a success. 

My days are filled with enormous potential. I can achieve anything I put my mind to.

Say these silently and sincerely with yourself.  You can change these, add to them or create your own.

5. Beginning your day

Focus on your breath for 5 -10 breaths, visualise yourself as relaxed, at peace and feeling healthy. Take a moment to be aware of how these feel as sensations in your body. Look into your eyes and say ‘have a wonderful day …(your name) 

Slowly open your eyes, say hello to the world and move on with your day. 



Princess Vs Witch – accepting we are both!


The past few days I have been an absolute witch!! Moody, temperamental & over sensitive. 

A few years back I would have given myself a VERY had time for this unpleasant state of mind, but today, I just observe it and lovingly accept that this socially unacceptable part of my character is well…. Part of me

and I SIMPLY LET IT BE …  part of me. 

What is it about humans that we so often do not allow ourselves to be anything less that joyous jubilant and ecstatic at every moment in our life? 

Ok granted, for all but the extreme emotional Sargent majors types of the human race who keep the stiff upper lip, we do allow ourselves a little morsel of misery if loss or extreme despair finds its way into our life, but on the whole , it is not something we welcome.

We do not ask this forlorn emotional friend to stay for as long as it wants or needs. Instead we scowl stare and hiss at it constantly until it feels so unwelcome, its only option is to head deeper into the Forrest’s of our soul to hide, unexpressed, misunderstood and given no value or respect.

Why does the moody, melancholic side of ourselves disgust us so much? why do we see it as such a distasteful reality?

If we accept that where there are mountains there will be valleys, where there is night there will be day & where there is winter there is summer  why is it so incomprehensible to grasp and accept where there is joy there will be sadness? 

I have been looking at this  phenomenon within the boundaries of my own character for the past year and the results were quite shocking. 

I was truly amazed at my incapability to accept and love myself when I was not a happy jovial friendly sociable chicky.

Why was my love towards myself so conditional?   Who was this Trojan master within who tried to dictate what feelings I needed to have in order to be worthy of self love?

Doing some reflection into my childhood I realised that sadness and melancholy were not really accepted or honoured nor allowed to be truly expressed.

In fact, I remembered we were actually punished for it. Sadness was an unsavory character trait in our household. Good kids were happy kids. 

Sounds totally wacky from my adult perspective. So why had I not changed this the minute Id left home and was free to live my life how i wanted?   A simple case of unawareness. I had not realised this core belief was within me.

The melancholy, introvert, mood  was seen as a bad side of me and I was afraid that if I expressed this and let myself BE – maybe people – friends family lovers would react to me as my family had in childhood and I had in adulthood.. and disown me..  cast me  aside…  punish me…  and lets face..we all want to be loved right ?

Another important discovery was the feeling that my moodiness would bring others down with me, that somehow I felt responsible for other peoples happiness so couldn’t live the full spectrum of my own emotions.

I also noticed that intense guilt came from being moody as well.. who was I to be unhappy? Look at my life I am blessed, I have so much good fortune that being in an unhappy or melancholic mood was being ungrateful for all that life had given me.

There was a sense of fear of the unknown as well. How long I would be a witch? I had meetings, weddings, dinners to go to..how could I go feeling like this? No no best to push this one under the carpet, tell it strongly to GO AWAY! and get on with my life as miss happy pants.

After all who needs or wants the sometimes unanswerable questions being asked..Whats wrong with you? Why are you like this? 

Armed with all the insights into why I was unconsciously rejecting this side of me, it was now time for the process of change.

Firstly, I brought alot of awareness to my responses/reactions to both my own and others moods.

I then with patience and love tried simply to observe my moods trying to release any judgement that came.  

I  practised positive affirmations that I loved myself exactly as I am and that it was perfectly OK to be miss moody cow if that was my true emotion in that moment. I made an agreement with myself to accept whatever mood I was in without putting a tag of good or bad on it.

I learnt that it was OK to change plans if I was not feeling social, and to feel comfortable to tell friends and family with an open heart that I am not feeling very social. 

I learnt that not every emotion needs to be investigated or analysed. Sometimes you just are moody. So what! No big deal as long as I took responsibility for my mood and didnt inflict pain on anyone else!!

I realised that my allowing the moods to BE, they usually passed as quickly as they came. 

I  tried to drop feeling guilty. Accepting that as a human being with a dynamic spectrum of emotions and moods, it is absolutely perfectly OK for me to be flow through life sometimes up sometimes down. Again No big deal.  

Living more truthfully with the range of emotions and moods that are within me, I feel I am living a more balanced wholesome existence. I feel more real, I feel more honest. 

I also feel I am being much kinder and  a whole lot more loving towards myself which feels really nice. And this more caring attitude towards the self unconsciously allows me to show others more kindness, empathy and respect. 

Nice journey of self discovery. glad I went for the ride!!

until next time 

love and light