You saying Im the Govt’s bitch.. Obligatory Viewing

The ‘war on drugs’ is being funded by tobacco, alcohol and pharmaceutical companies.. Why??? 

Barney Frank’s comment ‘This notion that we somehow have to approve or criminalize all human activities is a great misunderstanding of Governments’   really turned flicked the switch for me.. 

I feel like I’ve been living in a cloudy haze and have just walked into the clear clean air.. I never thought about life from this perspective before.  

I certainly don’t need the govt to define all my activities into good  bad/ right wrong/ approve  criminalize  categories.  I’m a decent person and I can think for myself.  I can make my own judgements.

If we are not hurting other people or our planet, then it is our god given right to live love and laugh in whatever way we feel like it! 

Who do governments think they are, putting their noses so deeply into everyones business. They don’t own us, we are free people.

The role of government is to be our representatives not our masters!


When life’s giving you the finger..

A song from the ‘good old days’  can completely change your mood

Try it..  it  worked an absolute treat for me recently.  Go to you tube , search for clips of your favourie singers from the wild days of your youth, turn the volume up real loud and sing your little heart out!!!! (trust me you will still know all the words)   

The clip above is one of my favs from my wild wild childhood days of living in the Central Australian desert, the heart of Australia’s cowboy country.  Cows, horses, hats, large buckles, RM Williams boots, bottles of bundaberg rum,  bachelor and spinster balls and the great country music legends  as our hero’s.

They were fabulous days, days I haven’t thought about for many years.  After finishing school I left the desert, first travelling around the coast of Australia and then out to expore the globe. I forgot completely about my love of country music.  As the years passed by, my taste in music changed. First rock music swept me off my feet, then a few years later, without mercy electronic music stole my heart. 

Watching this clip took me on such beautiful journey to the good old days of my youth and the fun we had singing and dancing to the country legends.  It changed my mood completely.. I felt light and happy and over flowing with good energies.

Change your mood, take a trip down memory lane…

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