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The number of people searching for inspiration these days is astounding. Two posts I wrote recently that have resonated with a great number of people are ‘looking for meaning in your life’ and ‘the most inspiring movie this decade’ 

My personal search for inspirational material continues and while there is alot of commercial garbage about, I do come across some absolute gems from time to time.  Here is some of the most recent sites and info ive found that may interest you.   

Magazine: I have recently taken an annual prescription for is What is enlightenment? Delivered right to your door four times a year and costing $19.95, its a great read. A non profit magazine, its full with inspiring articles, great book reccomendations, details for courses around the globe and pages upon pages of inspiration.

Inspiring Movies: For those who enjoy being inspired via cinema, Ive found a wonderful website that delivers monthly inspirational movies to your door.  A great number of incredibly inspiring movies are created every year, however due to the movie monguels of holywood not believing that there is a big enough audience for these movies, they simply do not get to the big screen. The spiritual cinema circle gives the general public access to a fab selection of these wonderful movies.  For your info, here are some customer reviews for the website.

Movie Reviews: If you are looking for inspiring movies to watch, here are a few websites that review spiritual and inspiring movies. and 

Inspirational WebsitesFinding information thats both inspiring and helpful on the web can often mean wading through alot  of commercial rubbish before finding something thats genuinely beneficial. Directories can often help to focus your search a little more. Here’s a few Ive found that offer some interesting options. 

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Humanity Ascending.. The most inspiring movie released this decade

Ever watched a movie that touched your heart, your mind and your soul so deeply that you wanted to let the entire world know about it because you believed it had the potential to change the world?

Humanity Ascending, in my opinion is one of those movies.  And judging by their personal reviews, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson and Rev. Michael Beckwith all feel the same way.

Barbara Marx Hubbard has done an incredible job of giving me hope that our world can move through this terribly destructive phase of existence we are currently in and progress to a new reality.. one filled with positive communication, love and compassion.

I urge you to take the time to watch this movie, I urge you to tell your friends and I urge you to spread the word of this masterpiece so that its message can be shared with the world. 

If you have seen this outstanding movie, please take a minute to share your thoughts via the comments section below.

View Humanity Ascending Online:

Learn more about Barbara Marx Hubbard:

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