Absolutely Fabulous Video Clip

The Miracle Of  Life …


Life is fast these days and while I try to stay in the moment in order to  appreciate the every day miracles occuring from moment to moment I forget sometimes. I forget  how amazing life really is and how truly blessed I am to be here.

Thankfully life sends me little reminders and this clip was one of them. Received it  via Facebook and was spellbound..  what a miracle the creation of life is and womens bodies.. wow  what absolute masterpieces.  

Enjoy !


Dr Feelgood stikes again

Are you getting your daily hit of  Validation?

Though the message is simple, its obviously one people needed and wanted to hear.  Written directed and composed by Kurt Kuenne and starring TJ Thyne & Vicki Davis, Validation has won a string of esteemed awards and gained immense popularity around the globe. 

Validation’s Awards

* Best Narrative Short –  Cleveland International Film Festival

* Best Short Comedy – Hawaii International Film Festival

* Crystal heart Award – Breckenridge Festival of Film

* Best Short Film & Audience Award – Heartland Film Festival

* Best Short Film – Sedona International Film Festival

* Christopher & Dana Reeve Audience Award –  Williamstown Film Festival

* Best Comedy – Dam Short Film Festival

* Audience Award – Gen Art Chicago Film Festival

* Jury Award Winner

Validation..  we all need it from time to time


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You saying Im the Govt’s bitch.. Obligatory Viewing

The ‘war on drugs’ is being funded by tobacco, alcohol and pharmaceutical companies.. Why??? 

Barney Frank’s comment ‘This notion that we somehow have to approve or criminalize all human activities is a great misunderstanding of Governments’   really turned flicked the switch for me.. 

I feel like I’ve been living in a cloudy haze and have just walked into the clear clean air.. I never thought about life from this perspective before.  

I certainly don’t need the govt to define all my activities into good  bad/ right wrong/ approve  criminalize  categories.  I’m a decent person and I can think for myself.  I can make my own judgements.

If we are not hurting other people or our planet, then it is our god given right to live love and laugh in whatever way we feel like it! 

Who do governments think they are, putting their noses so deeply into everyones business. They don’t own us, we are free people.

The role of government is to be our representatives not our masters!

how many times have you said this to yourself..

Simple exercise for to boost your self development & personal growth 


Only takes a few minutes but has an incredible impact.  Good luck

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I live by the ‘everything happens for a reason’ philosophy but I cant get my head around this one

Dancing and Celebrating in IVF after 40

dancing celebrations


Im going through my second IVF treatment and have come across something really funny. I really dont understand it and hope someone will shed some light on whats the best course of action.

What is the meaning behind this co incidence.. Its got me stumped.. Im a strong believer in ‘everything happens for a reason’, but I just dont get this one.  

Each time I get to the stage in the IVF process  when the egss have been transferred inside my womb and I have 12 days to find out if Im pregnant or not I find myself attending an event ( pre plannned) that involves dancing and celebrating.

Its really crazy, the first time it was a friends 40th birthday, a big dance party and the second, just now, I had pre arranged tickets to a West African Dance and Music Concert.  

Now Im not going to the events and totally cutting loose, Im taking it easy, Im not drinking, but I am going to the events and celebrating.

Here’s my dilema..  A friend told me, after the first IVF treatment was not successful,  that maybe its good to be at home, quiet and peaceful and resting once the eggs are transferred. OK good idea I thought, but when the day came that the eggs were transferred ( and you never know the date this will happen right as it depends on how your body responds to the treatment) I realised I had tickets to this West African Cultural concert for the following day. 

What baffles me is WHY!  If everything happens for a reason, why is this coincidence happening, why do I find myself in a celebration environment at the exact time of egg transferral?  What is the meaning behind it?   

Is this about being prepared to give up things for the moment or is it a little helper from life to remind me that being relaxed and without stress is very important for IVF success?  Its got me, I cant seem to find which is the right message.. or maybe its something completely different and Ive totally missed the point.

Can anyone shed some light on this?   Share a thought or perspective?

Whats the message..Is it about giving up on things for the moment or about celebrating life in a time when its so important to be as relaxed as possible for the treatment to be successful ?

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Are you satisfied with life?

What is this life all about?   What is my purpose?  What am I doing here?    Is there meaning to me being here or is it all simply a co incidence?

These questions are my constant companions. Sometimes its an enjoyable experience pondering on these questions while other times its a totally frustrating and even heartbreaking experience.

Having been blessed in life with a certain financial success, I figured  inner joy and contentment would be one of the rewards from the fruits of the  hard labour that got me to this point..  

To date, this is the greatest illusion I have been living with.  Money does not automatically bring inner contentment.

Please do yourself a great favour, if like me you were under the illusion that all you needed to do was sort out finanical security and the rest would fall into place.. I beg you , wash this from your memories, its simply not true, it is not the case. 

The same issues of what to do with your life/ what brings you lasting joy and contentment will remain no matter how large your bank balance. 

True, financial freedom gives you a little breathing space. Instead of running about working like a crazy woman with no time to ponder life questions, it gives you the time ask the deeper more difficult questions i mentioned at the beginning of this post.. and the time to listen to the …nothingness,  to realise perhaps like me, that you have no clue of these very significant answers, that they illude you completely.  

I have been on this journey for a couple of years. To begin with, when I sold the business and stopped working, I decided to travel again. Afterall it had been my love and my primary passion for most of my life. I  thought that now I could now travel as long as I wanted without needing to stop and work to top up my funds I would be eternally  joyous.

The realisation that dissatisfaction had crept into my reality was quite a shocking one. So is this it? Is this all my life amounts to? Travelling about the globe? Is there there not more to me, is there not a greater purpose for me being here? Is there not someting significant I meant to be doing with my life? And if the answer is YES to this question.. then what is it? how do i find it? how will I know it?  

To help find these answers, my partner and I decided to try and stop in one place and create a life for ourselves.. and this is where i am at in the present moment.

I have sat with these questions for sometime now and still they remain unanswered. I decided to write a list of the ‘things’ that I wanted to have in my life, things I wanted to try, to experience and to learn and begun to structure them into my life.  Perhaps my answers would come this way.  

This structure seems to be bringing a certain sense of satisfaction.  I know the comfort I am feeling  is still not  exactly what its all about. But it is a start.  A great start!

Hence my reason for sharing this wth you. If for any reason you or someone you know have also been feeling this sense of dissatisfaction in your life, maybe my list  will inspire you to make a list, or maybe you can just try some of the things I have been doing and see if they work for you. 

It takes work and effort to be joyous, it takes discipline to put things in ones life that give it meaning and purpose. It takes will power to sit quietly to listen to the soul and hear its messages of your purpose in this life time. 

I wish you well.  I would love some feedback,  to hear your thoughts.

until next time

much love and light


Amazing way to feel and look 10 years younger

never a better time to help yourself and help the planet.Turning 40 brought its fair share of emotions. First the sense of disbelief.. Gosh really 40 ..how did that happen so quickly.. I dont feel like 40! Do I look 40, do I behave like a 40 year old..and so on and so on..

The next step was reflection.. remembering the years gone by, the adventures, the challenges and the ups and downs on the roller coaster ride of life.  Taking a little mental check to see if I was satisfied with what my life amounted to til now…a great gift to myself.

It was a really enjoyable process, meandering through the endless field of memories cultivated from 40 years on our glorious planet.  Many many forgotten faces, experiences, and feelings came back into the here and now…Very pleaseant.

A great trip down memory lane… and a wonderful way to begin creating a little blueprint for the next 40 years of fun. Seeing what still inspires you, what you  would still like to do/achieve/try/create & experience

In a few days I am 41. I am feeling great. I bought a bicycle and am loving the expereince of scooting  about the city. Its connects me to the eternal child within, gets the blood circulating, is super healthy and great for the environment AND is a wonderful way to nuture ones vitality. Discovering places in your neighbourhood  you didnt even know exist is a frequent joy on a bicycle. 

Want to be rid of the heavy feelings of forty-dom? Want to leave this feeling way behind you?  Want to feel and look younger, feel more vital, feel more alive than you have for years ?

Get a Bike ladies and gents I promise.. it will change you, change you from within. I cant reccomend it enough!!


Until next time