IVF after 40 Step By Step Information

The step by step process of IVF

The miracle of ivf

The miracle of ivf

The tests, the ivf drugs, the reactions to the ivf drugs, the Doctors suggestions, the alternate therapies, the positive affirmations and meditations used, what happens on what days of the cycle, its all here. 

And its positive!  For those of you who have been feeling absolutely petrified to read information on the net for fear of it ‘bringing you down’  I hope my posts will give you the positive feeling you deserve and that is so essential for the IVF process to bring results. 

While I am not going to go in to too much detail here (I have written about it in depth in my posts) I want to assure you that the IVF process is NOT anywhere near as bad as you think it is.  Its true that each person experiences things differently, but from my personal IVF adventure, I found the process to be very straight forward  and not at all painful. It is really OK.  Really.  Relax! 

Yes it is challenging emotionally and it has absolutely no guarantees, but hey tell me one thing in life that has been this important to you that hasnt been emotionally challenging..  And on the guarantee side.. apart from toasters, refridgerators and cars what else in life has a guarantee?  

This is a journey we are taking because we want to be mothers.. and we are blessed to be living in a modern age where science has developed this amazing technique to allow us this extra try.. so its worth every bit of anxiousness, fear and any other emotion that may run through our veins in this process.

Our job in this process is to be as healthy as happy as relaxed and as positive as we possible can be throughout the treatment . To participate in the process with our full hearts and to keep our minds positive.  The rest is up to life. 

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Its essential to be as healthy, as relaxed and as positive as you possibly can..

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Calling All Adventurous types


Do hotel catagories like underwater,cave, lighthouse, palace,igloo,fantasy, prisons, designer, crazy or views to die for sound super intriging to you?  

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Absolutely perfect for those whose dream holiday destinations are places so unusual that no one you know has ever heard of them nor ventured anywhere even remotely close by.

And if you are not feeling so adventurous now, you never know when the urge to become the next great travelling wilbury will steal your soul and have you dreaming of far away places where getting lost in tranquility is on the menu day after day after day…..

Unusual hotels of the world.com  is a ripper and well worth an entry onto your favourites list.

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