Absolutely Fabulous Video Clip

The Miracle Of  Life …


Life is fast these days and while I try to stay in the moment in order to  appreciate the every day miracles occuring from moment to moment I forget sometimes. I forget  how amazing life really is and how truly blessed I am to be here.

Thankfully life sends me little reminders and this clip was one of them. Received it  via Facebook and was spellbound..  what a miracle the creation of life is and womens bodies.. wow  what absolute masterpieces.  

Enjoy !


Sneak Peek At Future Fashion

Creative Fashion At Its Best! 



Fashion Designer - Adriana Bertini

Who would have ever thought that the good old condom was capable of being transformed into a gown as stylish and elegant as this. 
Hats of to designer Adriana Bertini for her ingenius creativity. The Brazilian artist creates delicious gowns from defective or past their best by date condoms. One wedding gown design used almost 80,000.

Fashion of the future, wonderful designs, artistic ideas